Thursday Thoughts: Challenges

So. Yes, I am still doing this thing. I’ve been silent the last few Thursdays, mea culpa, but in my defense, I was on vacation (okay, it was a staycation, deal with it). Read some good books, wrote absolutely no words at all, almost almost almost moved into our house (at laaaaaaaast), and spent plenty of nights with my bae. It was perfect.

But this week it’s back to the grin, and what a motherfukkin grind it is. The library life is good, my friends, but sometimes it’s good and also fucking shitty. Know what I mean?

Anyway. This week’s question: Do you participate in reading challenges? Why or why not?

This one is too easy: yes. Or even – yes, duh. Because why wouldn’t you? There are challenges for every kind of reader, every kind of interest. I don’t actually like ones that are overly specific, though. I find them restrictive. I’m a chaotic reader, I read what I want when I want. So TPL’s Reading Challenge, for example, is a huge no for me. Great in theory, and good for getting ideas if you’re someone who doesn’t know what they want to read about next, but not ideal for me, with approximately 6 billion books on my TBR pile.

And then there’s Goodreads. Hate on it all you want, but I live for the Goodreads Challenge – it’s allllll about the numbers, baby. Just give me more – more words, more pages, more boooooooooooooks. You can set your own goal, edit it if you were too ambitious or not ambitious enough, and if you “win,” you get a nice little badge on your Goodreads profile. What’s not to love??

Well this was kind of a dud, topic-wise. Next, week, something juicier… hate-reads!!!!! Yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

– xo, R

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