The Mission-Quest-Thing

My name is Robyn, and I am a book addict.

Anything. Everything. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, prose, classics, contemporary. I do have a weakness for depressing Russian lit, epic Norse epics, and anything with a wizard/dragon/sword-with-a-name. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of YA lit. (Read YA. It’s hella good, bruv, BELIEVE IT!)

I am currently an unemployed librarian. (Sad face – and question: is a librarian really a librarian if no one is paying her to push books on unsuspecting people?) So my dreams of pretending to see ghosts lurking in the stacks, reading from ancient Egyptian texts to accidentally-on-purpose resurrect hot angry mummies on a mission, and shushing everyone are on hold – for now (dum dum DUM).


This blog was originally created for a Young Adult Materials course, part of the Master of Library and Information Studies at the University of Western Ontario (in, sadly, fake London, a.k.a. London, Ontario. No comment). That course has ended, but I came to love my blog far too dearly to abandon it. Since I have nothing else better to do, I’m continuing on with this blogging mission…quest….thing. The deal: I blog about books and book-related stuff, and reviewing and musing on what I’ve read, am reading, and plan to read – same old, except the books aren’t exclusively YA, as they were when this was a school-related blog. And, goody goody, there is significantly less self-censorship. Which means more nerdiness, more weirdness, and more Book Cat. And more of whatever the hell I want. Boo-yah!

Book Cat, a.k.a. Titus Ignatius Andronicus

Now let’s watch my librarian role model do her thing.


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5 thoughts on “The Mission-Quest-Thing”

  1. Ooh, the British Library. My spiritual home. Were you working there or just loitering with intent? Did you do a lot of shushing? I imagine giving a big shush in the British Library is a pretty satisfying experience.


    1. Alas, just loitering, ogling the treasures in the galleries… and the library-frequenting British gents with their ubiquitous scarves and English-y hotness. One day, though, I will legitimately shush in the hallowed corridors of the British Library. (I had to settle for illegitimate, rogue ninja-style shushes. It was still pretty satisfying, but earned me a few strange looks.)


      1. It seems you and I engage in very similar behaviour in libraries. My local, village library is a real treasure. Very small. With two old, very shushy librarians and one young man librarian. I think he may be in library purgatory. I like to loiter behind the shelves and throw a rogue shush into the mix just to shake things up a bit.


      2. “Library purgatory”…I love it! Your local library sounds like a wonderful, magical, fairy-tale place – I’m so jealous! Keep loitering in the stacks, we can never have too many rogue shushers. Keeps the librarians on their toes. Come to think of it, we ought to form some sort of club or something. With badges and an official letterhead and stuff. Make it official unofficial shushing.


  2. I am fond of my local library. It’s a wonderful place to earwig. Plus, truth be told, I’d never been greeted with such relief by a librarian until I visited this library and the young man librarian almost kissed me full on the lips when I asked to join. I think an official unofficial shushing organisation made up of random rogue shushers would be huge fun. I know I’d be happy to participate and report back on how successfully I’ve shushed. A badge and official letterhead you say? I’m in. I’m due back next week to return my stack o’ books. I’ll let you know how my latest shush goes down.


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