Right in the Feels

01/08/2016 (yeah, this has been sitting my drafts for a long time, sorry not sorry)

They say an indication of personal growth of is an awareness of one’s flaws and weaknesses, so here goes: I’m really really shitty at blogging. Actually, no, fuck that, I’m awesome at blogging. I’m shitty at consistently blogging. Boom. Self-awareness. Suck it, adulthood, I have reached you.

To be fair, it’s not entirely my fault. My wee tablet up and died on me (sidenote: the Microsoft Surface is not a product I’d recommend – like most of my crushes, it worked very well for about a year and then died a horrible, agonizing, nightmarish death). The upside to this technological calamity is that I decided to spend a very significant chunk of the money I’d saved for the ill-starred Antipodean adventure on a brand spankin’ new MacBook Air! It’s quite glorious, even it is the distillation of everything I loathe about our brand-obsessed consumerist society. *strokes MacBook* So… purdy…

And I have been quite busy, toiling away at my thankless entry-level desk-job, which involves no book-pushing, shelving, or shushing at all. It is terrible and I hate it. Yo, libraries, please hire me please. Please. Pretty please. Please.


Anyway. I am not here, you never saw me, none of this is even happening, BLUE PILL MUTHAF*CKAS.


*     *     *

05/10/2016 UPDATE:






More details to come. And thank you to every god above and below (but also, bitch it was about time). *mic drop*

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