Marry Me.

Greetings, sprites. How’s tricks? Okay, shut up, enough about you, let’s talk about me. I have been SUPER busy bringing home the benjamins / suffering the innumerable indignities of the common entry-level office drone. Grim af, but as Gertrude would have said, a job is a job is a job is a job. We won’t talk about the existential crisis I suffer every time I step into a library, which is inconvenient when you go to the library three times a week. *shakes fist* One day, library, I will work in you!

Reading has been the most mourned casualty of the 8-to-5 (yeah, I work an extra hour, kill me but also, yay, more money for books). I’ve only read a few smutty books and some novellas since I started working, so no review this week. But before you start rending your garments and gnashing your teeth, be reassured: there will be more to this post than one excellently selected Skeletor gif. HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTTS, WE’RE TALKING ABOUT BOOK BOYFRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!

Book boyfriends. Good gravy, I have so many of them that when I sat down to brainstorm  a list for this post, I ended up with seventeen – SEVENTEEN, as in 1-7 – names! (What can I say, I’m a literary trollop.) So I thought I’d divide these swoon-worthy guys into categories – the Charmers, the Brooders, the Sweethearts… but it turns out, there are 13 grim, grumpy, Brooders on the list. I have a type, okay? The only solution is… series!!!

So welcome to 96 Euston Road’s inaugural series, Marry Me: The Many Book Boyfriends of Robyn Carolin Aleksiewicz-Momoa, Baroness Kugelschreiber. I’ll go chronologically, because there is no earthly or unearthly way I can possibly begin to rank my beautiful cinnamon rolls, I can’t do it, you must not ask it of me, I DO NOT HAVE THE STRENGTH FOR IT I SAY.

First up: Captain Rhett Butler.

Prepare yourselves. There will be swoons.

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