I (don’t) choo-choo-choose you: A Fun-Size Review

Salutations, good citizens of the internet! Boy, I am really crushing this whole blogging thing, eh? It definitely has nothing at all to do with the amount of free time I have as an under-employed, under-paid, and under-utilized “”information technician”” at the shitty little library where I’m currently working (Srsly tho, my heart is in Malvern #TPLforever)

Heads up, another FUN SIZE REVIEW coming your way – today, it’s The Chosen, by the one and only J.R. Ward. I have Thoughts. Remember – 100 words or less. Let’s do this.

ROBYN’S FUN-SIZE REVIEW OF THE CHOSEN BY J.R. WARD: No. Just… no. What happened here? How did it come to this? I remember the days when I literally sacrificed sleep – during grad school, mind you – to binge-read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I mean, let’s be honest, the last three books weren’t great, and I could barely finish reading The Shadows, but come on! This is Xcor and Layla! This is the book we’ve been waiting for FOR AGES!!! And it was fucking. terrible. Poor pacing, shitty characterizations, an absurd story, no conflict, an disappointing and predictable conclusion, and, worst of all, lukewarm sex scenes. For shame, J.R.

Same, Voight. Same.

Later, bishes.

-xo, R




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