Crooked Kingdom: A Fun Size Review

New feature here at the old blogaroonie. Fun Size Reviews. No, they’re not about chocolate (although…). They’re just tiny. Like, 100 words or less (not including gifs, you monsters). Why? Because I want to, and I am all-powerful when it comes to this blog and this blog only.


And now, for our first-ever Fun Size review: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo, actual queen, sequel to all-the-superlatives-of-awesome Six of Crows.

This book is actually perfect. It destroyed me and remade me and then ripped the beating heart out of my chest and then decided I could have my heart back and lovingly placed it back into my ribcage but although it was the same heart, it was a different heart, a sadder, wiser, heart that will always bear the marks of being broken, and is, in a way, all the more beautiful because of it, much like the Japanese art of Kintsugi. TLDR, this book gave me a Kintsugi heart. I will love you forever, my precious murder-babies. No mourners, no funerals. (Except all the mourners, forever *sob*)

An actual image of my heart. Do not ask how this photograph was taken or I will be forced to disappear you.

Now I’m sad all over again.

I will leave you with one of my favourite pieces of SoC fanart, found on tumblr, as are all things good and pure.

(And if you want to see more, my tumblr is basically just a Six of Crows fanblog these days, interspersed with the odd shirtless hot guy/kitten/slice of cake) (in a perfect world, there would be pictures of shirtless hot guys holding kittens while eating cake, but alas, the human species has not evolved to that level of genius yet) (now I want cake dammit)

xoxo R

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