WELL WELL WELL. Look at me starting off 2022 sticking to at least one resolution – it’s a blog post!

A short one, though. Today I’m talking about goals. Reading goals, to be more precise. I know some people claim that setting a numerical goal for the year is intimidating, or robs them of the pleasure in reading, but not me. Give me all the numbers! Give me stats, percentages, data. Talk statistics to me, baby.

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I’ve had a tradition of adding two books a year to the previous year’s reading, goal, which sets me at 129 books for 2022. A big number, but, still realistic, I think. Like I said in my last post, I am actually getting a lot of reading time in while I feed baby bookworm and while I rock her to sleep, and hopefully that amount of time only increases as she starts to settle into a more consistent nap schedule. I am living my best life, internet buddies – a baby, a cat, and alllll the books 🧿

Anyway, that’s my number. As usual, I have no set TBR. I’m a mood reader, I read whatever book calls to me, and I’ve stopped trying to find any logic in that lol. No reading challenges, either, I haven’t the energy for that, I’m a wizened old crone and set in my bookish ways. But since this blog suddenly seems to have actual readers who aren’t my mother (hi mom), I’m curious to know how everyone else is setting their reading goals for the new year. Let me know in the comments (or don’t, if that’s not your thing).

Coming soon – an actual review! And it’s a BIG one, one of my all-time favourites, and one of the few books I reread every single year. Oh, it’s god-tier monster-smut, as well. That’s right, it’s… COTTONWOOD! Woohoo!

Happy reading, my delicious slices of bookish baklava.

– xo, R

Cozy Reading Spot by Ankita Bhasme on Dribbble

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