Queen Bitch

SALVE, CITIZENS OF THE INTERNET EMPIRE. How goes it? Actually, never mind, I don’t care, because guess what………………………..

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Huzzah! Let’s have some goddamn cake and for god’ sake, someone put the kettle on! Celebrate with me by playing my theme song all day and doing your best to live the Bowie life.

I’m at work, so I can’t spend the day as I’d like to (reading, drinking tea, petting Book Cat, reading, going for a run, watching Peaky Blinders, reading, writing some deliciously awful fanfiction, casting a few curses, oh, and maybe some light reading). Luckily, Book Cat just texted me a selfie (yes, he can text – have you SEEN his thumbs??) to assure me that he’s getting enough reading done for the both of us until I get home:

Titus is really into his book
Greetings, Book Lady, and felicitations on the successful continuance of your mundane existence over the course of the past solar year. As you can see by my ‘selfie,’ I am currently engrossed in a fascinating study on the human obsession with male violence as entertainment. My enjoyment of this study on your specie’s savagery is greatly enhanced by the envy I imagine you must suffer, toiling away at your thankless human job. Xoxo, Titus I. Andronicus.

Dude. Way harsh, T.


Happy Birthday to me! Later, cupcakes!


In light of the day’s events, I feel compelled to quote a Mr. John Langrishe (he’s all right):

It’s the learning fucking, Al, that keeps me young.

To sum up:

set animated GIF
When someone wants to start some shit with you.
deadwood animated GIF
Christ, not today.
deadwood animated GIF
These fucking people.
ian mcshane animated GIF
Oh, you want to do this? Well all right.
ian mcshane animated GIF
Mic drop.
set animated GIF
ian mcshane animated GIF
“I do have a knife – it come to me now!”
hbo animated GIF
Pyrrhic victories suck balls. But a victory is a victory, so suck it, muthafuckas.
ian mcshane animated GIF
After some time to reflect on the day’s advances (none miraculous)
deadwood animated GIF
Thinking about tomorrow
hbo animated GIF
Bearing it all with my usual stoicism, grace, and good humour
ian mcshane animated GIF
And then realizing that I feel pretty fucking good about what happened, all things considered.
hbo animated GIF
In conclusion: fuck this shit.

This has been a gif recap of Robyn’s 29th birthday.

But I did get an ARC of City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett (insert high-pitched fangirl squee here) and my lovely mother bought be the complete Civil War collection by the late great Shelby Foote (LITERALLY the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten) so it’s not all bad. As for the rest of it…

Forever ¯_(ツ)_/¯ –Robyn

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