You’re Terrible (Muriel)

July is over, long live August, and pity yourselves, readers, that you have chosen to follow the blog of a fickle lay-about whose creative outbursts occur as frequently as a long period comet.

If you did not get the reference in this post’s title, number 1, I feel a little bit bad for you that you have not yet been exposed to the glorious eccentricity that is Muriel’s Wedding, and number 2, let me enlighten you (you can thank me later):

Yes, I realize that is not the first time I have posted that video, but doesn’t that just serve to underscore its relevance to a plethora of life’s little trials and tragedies? We are all Muriel, my friends. And we are all Terrible.

Okay, so maybe I’m not making much sense. Don’t blame me, blame Stacia Kane for being the kind of amazing and super-awesome author who can make you love a character you already love more than most of the real people in your life EVEN MORE and who can also make you stay up waaaaay past beddie-byes in your desperation to finish her latest Downside story. Hence the rambling and dubiously philosophical bent of the post. You all know how I feel about Kane’s Downside books. There were gifs.

Today, I’m obviously talking about Wrong Ways Down by Stacia Kane.


Lovely cover art, no?

The Deal: As an enforcer for one of Downside’s most ruthless criminal bosses, Terrible is used to being the one who frightens, who injures, the one who kills. But when someone starts murdering dealers and attacking prostitutes, Terrible must use his talent for violence to protect the rest of Bump’s ragged flock. This time, though, he’ll be forced to keep his wits as sharp as his knife, and use a few of the sleuthing skills he’s learned from Chess, if he hopes to find those responsible for the attacks.

Robyn says:  I may fancy myself a writer, and the gods know when it comes to putting pen to paper there’s no one more prolific than me (er, we will not mention the quality of this output)… but there are times when words fail me. And in such situations, only a gif will suffice:



A Downside story, told from Terrible’s point of view, written in Kane’s delightfully inventive “Downside speech” – was there a chance that this book would NOT rock the casbah? No, there was not. I warn you, Terrible fans, you will adore him more than you ever thought possible. You heart will break a thousand times, reading about his insecurities and his past and his love for Chess. You will realize yet again that fictional men are infinitely more entertaining than any so-called ‘real men’ you have yet encountered. You will probably consider changing your cat’s name to Terrible, because YOLO. You will close the book (metaphorically, because it’s an ebook) feeling that distinctive, bittersweet mix of perfect joy, regret, and hunger for more that one always feels upon finishing a wonderful story. And if you had the lack of foresight to begin reading at 5:00 in the evening, you will wake from a very brief slumber with eyes as red as Bump’s living room.

Verdict: Um, duh? READ IT. Or if you haven’t read the rest of the Downside books, what is wrong with you, didn’t you see the gif party, then read them first, and then READ THIS. And reread it, probably, maybe a couple (dozen) times while waiting for the next book in the series.

Best lines: Can I just say all of it? No? Okay, how about… “First time a dame ever gave him a book to read. Definitely the first time a dame ever cared what he thought on a book, He wanted to get it right, especially since it was Chess asking.” (Chapter 12). I’m a sucker for romance nourished by reading.

Rating: Five out of five black 1969 Chevelles. You know why. (Or if you don’t then READ THE DAMN BOOKS!)

b212458131Robyn out!

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