Bustin makes me feel good. Also gifs

So I’ve been a little down lately. Life and all that. And the worst part was that I had this wretched book ennui. So much to read, as always, but nothing I was quite in the mood for. You know what I’m talking about, right? Terrible dilemma.

So I picked up a book I’d tried a couple times before, based on (really positive) recommendations from friends and the internet: Unholy Ghosts, by Stacia Kane, the first book in her Downside Ghosts series.


Terrible cover, right? But don’t let it throw you.

THE DEAL: In 1997, the world changed. Ghosts began to rise and wage violent, bloody war on the living. Only the witches of the Church of Real Truth can combat the bloodthirsty spectres. Twenty-four years later, the Church is in charge, sworn to protect people from ghosts in exchange for strict adherence to the law. One of the most important laws: never ever fake a haunting. That’s where Chess Putnam comes in. She’s a Debunker, a witch whose job it is to see if reported hauntings are real, or faked. She’s also hiding a lot of secrets. Like her drug addiction, and the hefty debt she owes to her unscrupulous dealer, Bump – who also happens to be the overlord of a criminal empire. When he suggests Chess repay her debt by doing some on-the-side witchcraft, Chess finds herself facing a whole new set of problems. As if dark magic, possession, murder, and a bunch of crazy rogue witches weren’t bad enough, Chess also has to deal with her reluctant attraction to Lex, a rival gang-leader, and her growing interest in Bump’s laconic enforcer, the aptly named Terrible. She’s about to find out that there are some things even magic can’t fix…

And now, for the first time on 96eustonroad, a gif review:

So I pick up this book, which I’ve tried to read a dozen times before, because everyone’s all, oh, Terrible is such swoony hero, blah blah blah. All I can think is, people, his name is Terrible. Terrible. For real. And what’s all this about a Church? Why call it a church at all if religion is outlawed in this magical future/alternate timeline or whatever? Come on.


But then I persevere, mostly because I have always loved witches and witchcraft and anything remotely witchy (as my seven Halloweens as a witch and closet full of crazy-ass Goth clothes can attest to). And then… I understand.


Because this is some straight-up crazy awesome. And I’m so in it I don’t even care how crazy it is. SO GOOD. There are interesting, dynamic characters that feel fresh and new, the plot is riveting, and this vision of the year 2021 is not like anything else I’ve read. Add the rapid pace and excellent amount of suspense, complex and nuanced relationships, and a liberal amount of sex, drugs, and cussing, and… this:

ron dancing

And then I realized there are four more books, and, miracle of miracles, they are all checked in at the library branch closest to me, RIGHT NOW.


Finally, a benefit to being unemployed. Non-stop reading marathon. And the next book is as good as the last, and the third book is even better…


And then my OTP came true…


But it’s not this typical, clichéd happily ever after. It’s just… aargh! My emotions!


Finally, an urban fantasy/paranormal romance heroine I can actually like. Stacia Kane, we’re not worthy.


But then I finished book five (Chasing Magic).


And I spent a couple of days like this:


And I couldn’t think of reason to go on living anymore.


Stacia Kane, where is Book 6? WHERE?


And then I realized I could just reread all of the books ALL OVER AGAIN. So,


The end.

Book Cat?

book cat unholy ghosts
Your taste in books has run alarmingly low-brow of late, librarian. Wherefore the paeans to Chekhov, the odes to Wharton, the worshipful tributes to writers whose words echo through the ages, immortal, eternal?

Oh, Book Cat. Such a snob.

Until next time, peeps! I’m out!

mother jones gif

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