All Hallow’s Read

Halloween’s only 15 days away and I’m almost as excited for All Hallow’s Read as I am for candy and wrestling my cat into a costume!

All Hallow’s Read = another great idea from Neil Gaiman. I picked up Neverwhere from a Waterstone’s on Fleet Street in real London (feels like so long ago!) and riding the Tube was never the same after that. (Friars at Blackfriars, a knight at Knightsbridge, and the amazing earl’s court held in an underground train still make me smile.)

Here’s Neil with the details.

Thanks for the shout-out to librarians, Neil! I may not be “full librarian” yet but I am a damn fine source of info on scary books.

(But what’s going on in the background? It looks like the aftermath of my family’s holiday dinners.)

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